Let‘s become acquainted ...

Founded in 1983, our company is located in South-Eastern Belgium, in the heart of the so-called “Euregio”, the beautiful region between Liège (BEL), Aachen (DEU) and Maastricht (NLD).

We offer a wide range of dry grocery products, exclusively certified from organic agriculture. Our products are developed and selected, and then mixed, seasoned, packed and labelled in our craft workshops, only 30 kilometres away from both the German and the Dutch borders.

Raw materials are sourced from the most reputable suppliers in the food sector and are transformed in the purest artisanal and traditional way, without any additives and with full traceability.

Would you like to be introduced to our representative and receive further detailed information about our products ? Feel free to contact us and we shall be delighted to answer all your questions !

discover our new products, ...

  • Vegetable oils, infused
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Vinegars, infused
  • ...

breakfast cereals & crunchies,

  • Crunchy, chocodrops
  • Crunchy choco, banana chips
  • Crunchy, coconut chips
  • Granolas
  • Muesli, dry fruits & nuts
  • Muesli, early-bird
  • Muesli, superberries
  • Muesli, tropical
  • ...

and our ready-to-cook recipes :

  • Bulghur, Oriental
  • Couscous, mediterranean
  • Quinoa, legumes
  • Rice basmati, coconut mango
  • Rice jasmine, lentils
  • Risotto, mushrooms
  • Risotto, provencal
  • ...